Toyota 7BPUE15 Forklift Repair Manual


Covers: Toyota 7BPUE15 forklift serial no. 80,001 and up
Pages: 373
Format: PDF file
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
File size: 16mb
Notes: Instant digital download only – no printed copy or CD-ROM media.

This repair manual contains maintenance, specifications and repair procedures for the Toyota 7BPUE15 Forklift. View the repair manual on your computer or print off detailed specifications, service and maintenance instructions, including illustrations, as needed. Inside this manual you will find all the detailed information needed to correctly perform maintenance and repairs.

The following is a list of topics in the Toyota 7BPUE15 Forklift Repair Manual

Systems Overview
Vehicle Specification
General System Data
Installation Instructions
Wire Guidance
Cold Storage
UL Label “EE”
Special Tools

Planned Maintenance
Maintenance Guidelines
Interval 1
Interval 2
Interval 3

Electrical Troubleshooting Guidelines
Shorts to Frame Test
Troubleshooting Wiring Problems
Switches (General)
Electric Motor Tests
Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI)
Hydraulic Troubleshooting Guidelines
Electrical Connector Locator Chart
Programmable Maintenance Tool
Drive Unit Troubleshooting Guide
Troubleshooting Flowcharts
Symptom Tables: Hydraulic Functions
Symptom Tables: Travel Functions
Symptom Tables: Electrical Symptoms

Codes and Tests
Operator Display Messages
Maintenance Mode
Traction Power Amplifier Fault Codes
Operator Display Fault Codes

Component Procedures
List of Component Procedures
Component Locator Photos
Covers and Finish
Tractor Covers
Operator Console Cover
Mast Guard
Steering and Controls
Operator Display
Control Handle
Electrical Components
Battery Procedures
Motors (General
Drive Motor
Lift Motor
Steer Motor
Traction Power Amplifier
Contactor Tip Replacement
Circuit Cards (General)
Switches (General)
Warning Light
Hydraulic Components
Hydraulic Manifold
Hydraulic Reservoir
Hydraulic Fluid
Solenoid Valves
Lift Pump and Motor
Lift Pressure Relief Valve Adjustment
Bleeding the Hydraulic System
Side Cylinder
Center Cylinder
Flow Control Valve
Mast Section
Three-Stage Carriage
Inner Mast
Outer Mast
Two-Stage Carriage
Two-Stage Mast
Mast Bearings
Mast Disassembly and Shimming
Lift Chains. Three-Stage
Lift Chains. Two-Stage
Pallet Clamp
Load wheels
Skid Pads

Wire Guidance
System Overview
Install Kt Components
Set-Up Procedure
Codes and Tests
General Troubleshooting
Troubleshooting in Flashware
Theory of Operation .

Theory of Operation
Battery Plugged In
Key Switch (S1) On
Closing Deadman Switches
Primary Memory
Firmware Configuration
Flashware Program

Lubrication Specification Chart
Torque Chart
Decimal Equivalent Chart
Standard/Metric Conversions
Electrical Schematics
Hydraulic Schematic

Example Repair Manual content (actual manual may vary): Manual Sample

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