2000-2013 Freightliner M2 100, M2 106, M2 112 Truck Workshop Manual


Covers: 2000-2013 Freightliner M2 100, M2 106, M2 112 Trucks
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This professional workshop manual contains service procedures for the 2000-2013 Freightliner M2 100, M2 106, M2 112 Trucks. In this workshop manual you will find detailed step-by-step instructions, illustrations, specifications and diagrams. View the 2000-2013 Freightliner M2 100, M2 106, M2 112 Truck Workshop Manual on your computer or print off detailed information to service or repair your truck to the manufacturer’s standards. The 2000-2013 Freightliner M2 100, M2 106, M2 112 Truck Workshop Manual is also referred to as the Service Manual or Repair Manual.

Topics in the 2000-2013 Freightliner M2 100, M2 106, M2 112 Truck Workshop Manual:

Note: This manual generally covers removal and installation procedures and troubleshooting. For individual component service/rebuilding please see the OEM’s manual.

  • VIN Decoding
  • Fastener Information
  • Engine Mounts
  • EPA07/10 Engine Information
  • Drive Belts
  • Engine, Caterpillar 3126
  • Air Cleaner
  • Charge Air Cooler
  • Air Compressor, Bendix Tu-Flo 550 and Tu-Flo 750
  • Air Compressor, WABCO
  • Air Compressor, Bendix BA-921
  • Alternator
  • Starter
  • Cooling System Troubleshooting
  • Radiator Assembly
  • Engine Block Heater, Phillips 1000W
  • Fan Clutch, Viscous
  • Fan Clutch, Horton DriveMaster
  • Fan Clutch, Kysor K26RA
  • Eaton Fuller Solo Clutches
  • Clutch Linkage
  • Clutch Hydraulic System
  • Eaton Fuller Manual Transmission (R&I)
  • Allison Automatic Transmission (R&I)
  • SmartShift™ Transmission Shift Control
  • Freightliner AMT3 and Mercedes-Benz Automated-Manual Transmissions
  • Mercedes-Benz Manual Transmission
  • Electronic Throttle Control
  • Frame Assembly
  • Bumper, Non-Aerodynamic
  • Fifth Wheel, Fontaine 6A36
  • Fifth Wheel, Fontaine 6000 and 7000 No-Slack II Series
  • Fifth Wheel, Fontaine H5092 Series
  • Front Suspension
  • Rear Leaf-Spring Suspension, Single Axle
  • Rear Leaf-Spring Suspension, Tandem-Axle
  • Rough Ride Diagnosis
  • Freightliner AirLiner Suspension
  • Freightliner TufTrac Suspension
  • Chalmers 800 Series Suspension
  • Hendrickson RT Series Suspension
  • Front Axle
  • Front Axle Wheel Hubs, Brake Drums, and Wheel Bearings
  • Front Axle Oil Seals
  • Detroit Front Axles
  • Rear Axle Alignment
  • Rear Axle Wheel Hubs, Brake Drums, and Wheel Bearings
  • Rear Axle Oil Seals
  • Detroit Rear Axles
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Driveline Components
  • Driveline Angularity and Balance
  • Meritor WABCO Pneumatic Antilock Braking System
  • Meritor Cam-Master Q Plus Brakes
  • Dryer Reservoir Module (DRM)
  • Air Dryer, Bendix AD–9
  • Air Brake Plumbing, Cab and Chassis
  • Air Reservoirs
  • Air Lines and Fittings
  • Control Module, Bendix MV–3
  • Dual Brake Valve, Bendix E–6
  • Air Dryer, Bendix AD–IP
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster, Gunite
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster, Haldex
  • Automatic Slack Adjuster, Meritor
  • Hydraulic Brake System, Bosch
  • Service Brake Chambers, Haldex
  • Air Brake System Troubleshooting
  • Air Reservoir Automatic Drain Valve, Bendix DV–2
  • Air Management Unit
  • Double Check Valve
  • Quick Release Valve
  • Bosch Pin Slide Brakes
  • Tandem Brake Chambers, MGM
  • Tractor Protection Valve, Bendix TP–3DC
  • Meritor WABCO Hydraulic Antilock Braking System (ABS)
  • Single Check Valve
  • Air Dryer, Meritor WABCO System Saver 1200
  • Parking Brake Hand Valve, Bendix PP–DC
  • Driveline Parking Brake, Bosch
  • Modulating Valve, Bendix SR-7
  • Bendix Air Disc Brakes
  • AD-IS Air Dryer, Bendix
  • Air Dryer, Meritor WABCO System Saver 1200 Plus
  • Auxiliary Air Valve Assembly
  • Drag Link
  • Steering Wheel and Column, Fixed and Adjustable
  • Power Steering Gears, TRW THP/PCF Models
  • Power Steering Pump, ZF FN4
  • Pitman Arm
  • Power Steering System Troubleshooting Procedures
  • Fuel Tanks and Fuel Lines
  • Fuel/Water Separators, DAVCO
  • Fuel/Water Separators, Alliance/Racor
  • Liquefied Natural Gas Fuel System
  • Compressed Natural Gas Fuel System
  • Exhaust System
  • Aftertreatment System, EPA07
  • Aftertreatment System, EPA10
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid System, EPA10
  • Multiplexing
  • Mercedes-Benz Engine Wiring
  • Batteries
  • Air Restriction Indicator
  • Low Coolant Level Probe
  • Datalinks
  • Instrumentation Control Unit, ICU3
  • Bulkhead Module
  • Chassis Module and Expansion Module
  • Smart Switches
  • Multifunction Turn Signal Switch
  • Switch Expansion Module
  • Power Distribution Module PDM
  • Wiper/Washer System
  • Forward Lighting Systems
  • Rear and Turn Signal Lighting Systems
  • Trailer Electrical Systems
  • Interior Lighting Systems
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Smartplex
  • Virtual Technician
  • Occupant Restraint Indicator
  • Body Builder Lighting Interfaces
  • Body Builder Engine Interfaces
  • Body Builder Transmission Interfaces
  • PTO and Pump Electrical Controls
  • Optional Power Switches and Connection
  • Chassis Electrical Control Systems
  • All-Wheel-Drive Electrical Controls
  • Windshield
  • Cab Suspension, Solid Rubber
  • Cab Suspension, Leaf Spring
  • Mirrors
  • Cab Structure Repair
  • Cab Upholstery Panels
  • Dash Panels
  • Air Horn
  • Welding Cautions
  • Cab Air Suspension
  • Doors
  • Electric Wipers, Trico
  • Cab Heater and Air Conditioner, Valeo
  • Refrigerant Compressor, Sanden
  • Refrigerant Compressor, Denso
  • Hood
  • TwinFlow Fire Pump
  • PowerFlow Fire Pump
  • Seat Belts
  • Bostrom Seats
  • Paint, DuPont
  • Paint, PPG

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