1993-1999 International DT408, 466, 530 Troubleshooting Manual

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Covers: 1993-1999 International DT408, 466 and 530 Engines

  • Serial Numbers 850676 to 1193209
  • With Bosch PES6P fuel system
  • Non-electronic

Pages: 114
Format: PDF download
File size: 10mb
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This downloadable PDF manual provides troubleshooting information for 1993 and 1999 International DT408, DT466 and 530 diesel engines w/ mechanical fuel system (NON-ELECTRONIC). Symptom troubleshooting, diagnostic tool usage and test procedures are included.

Dated Sept. 1993.


    • Oil Consumption
    • Fuel Consumption
    • High Coolant Temperature Or Loss
    • Combustion Leakage
    • Excessive Exhaust Smoke
    • Low Power
    • Fuel Dilution
    • Coolant In Oil Or Oil In Coolant
    • High Intake Manifold Pressure
    • Excessive Crankcase Pressure
    • Low Fuel Supply Pressure
    • Excessive Engine Speed
    • Excessive Air Inlet Restriction
    • Short Fuel Filter Life
    • Instructions
    • Injection Pump Timing
    • Engine Speed [RPM]
    • Intake Manifold Pressure [Boost]
    • Definition Of Air Number
    • Exhaust Back Pressure
    • Smoke Level Test
    • Crankcase Pressure
    • Fuel Pressure
    • Air Cleaner Restriction
    • Design Technology “Tech Time” Model 3354
    • Dynamic Timing Meter (Ztse-4142a)
    • Handheld Electronic Tachometer (Ztse-4387)
    • Timing Pin (Ztse-4372)
    • Plunger Timing Pin (Ztse-4373)
    • Beyers Model 200 Pressure Test Kit (Ztse-2239)
    • Dwyer Slack Tube Manometer
    • Wager Portable Smoke Opacity Meter Model 650a
    • Robert Bosch Smoke Sampling Kit (Se-2580)
    • Crankcase Pressure Orificed Restrictor Tool (Ztse-4039) w/ 0.406in. Orifice
    • Cooling System And Radiator Cap Tester (Ztse-2384)
    • Injector Nozzle Tester (Ztse-4045a)
    • Engine Diagnostic Form EGED-115
    • Test Procedures
      • Sufficient Clean Fuel
      • External Leakage
      • Shutoff Cable/electric Shutoff
      • Injection Pump Initial Timing (Static Timing)
      • Throttle Cable
      • Low/High Idle (Rpm)
      • Air Cleaner Maximum Restriction
      • Transfer Pump Pressure And Inlet Restriction Check
      • Intake Manifold Pressure
      • Crankcase Pressure
      • Wastegate Actuator
      • Aneroid Diaphragm
      • Test Injection Nozzles
      • Exhaust Back Pressure
      • Measure Smoke Intensity
      • Intake And Exhaust Valve Clearance
      • Performance Data Guidelines



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