Volvo VE D12 Vectro ECM Troubleshooting Manual

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Covers: Volvo Vectro I control system for VE D12 engines (Pre-1998)
Pages: 128
File size: 8mb
Compatibility: Windows/Mac computers
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This downloadable troubleshooting manual contains general information, specifications, operating descriptions and troubleshooting procedures for Volvo the Vectro I Vehicle Management System used in D12A engines. PDF format for your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Engine Control System
FMI Codes
Engine Control System
Vehicle Specification Programming (VSP)
Level 2 parameters, VE D12 (U
Breakout Box Fault Codes/Circuit Specifications
36-pin breakout box
16-pin breakout box
Special Tools
Other Special Equipment
Design and Function
Engine Control System
Electronic Control Module (ECM)
Electronic unit injectors
Programmable parameters
Calculating fuel quantities
Cylinder balancing
Other functions
Sensor and Switch Location Diagrams
Sensor and switch location (inside cab)
VE D12 (EA) harness
EB harness
Fuse locations
Engine plate and battery
ECM pin identification
Diagnostic Tool
Safety warnings/cautions
Pro-Link® 9000
Diagnosing with your Pro-Link® 9000
System selection procedure
Non-volatile memory
Receiving data
Recall data
What to do with NO DATA readout
Use of the function key
Engine functions
PID fault code descriptions
SID fault code descriptions
FMI fault code descriptions
Breakout Boxes and Harnesses
Fault Code Troubleshooting
Diagnostic Fault Codes
Diagnostic Process
Gather information
Verify operational problem
Identify probable causes
Isolate probable causes
Fault Tracing
Removing stored codes
Fault Code Index
Fault code 11 — Throttle position sensor, checking
Fault code 12 — Idle validation switch, checking 63
Fault code 13 — Vehicle speed sensor, checking 64
Fault code 14 — Power supply relay to ECM, checking
Fault code 21 — ECM, checking
Fault code 22 — ECM, programming
Fault code 23 — Coolant temperature sensor, checking
Fault code 24 — Air temperature sensor, checking
Fault code 25 — Turbo boost pressure sensor circuit, checking
Fault code 26 — Cam sensor, checking
Fault code 27 — Crank sensor, checking
Turbo Boost Pressure Sensor Circuit, Performance Check
Boost Pressure Sensor, Checking
Measurements on a Stationary Vehicle
Electronic Unit Injectors, Checking
Information Code Troubleshooting
Information (info) code index
Info code 41 — Brake test not performed/faulty brake switch
Info code 42 — Brake light, checking (signal active)
Info code 43 — Redundant brake, checking (signal active)
Info code 44 — Idle validation, checking (signal active)
Info code 45 — Clutch switch, checking (signal active)
Info code 46 — Parking brake, checking (switch active)
Info code 47 — Engine protection, checking (signal active)
Info code 51 — Cruise control, checking (signals active)
Info code 61 — ABS, checking (signal active)
Info code 62 — PWM, checking (signal active)
Info code 63 — VSP, checking (signal active)
VOLVO Engine Brake (VEB), Checking
New Solenoid Valve Design
Solenoid Test
Diode Test
Combination Relay Code Troubleshooting
Pin Specifications
Combination Relay Codes, Checking
Data Concentrator Troubleshooting
General Information
Data Concentrator Reference Table
Fault Codes associated with MID 178 (Data Concentrator)
Engine Oil Pressure
Functional Description
Diagnostic Fault Codes
Engine Protection Shutdown
Functional Description
Diagnostic Fault Codes
Engine Fluids Lamp
Functional Description
Engine Fluids Lamp Activation
Engine-related Warnings
Engine Fan
Functional Description
Diagnostic Fault Codes
Data Concentrator Fault Codes
PID 100 / FMI 1 Engine Oil Pressure, Data Valid
But Below Normal Operating Range Voltage
PID 100 / FMI 3 Engine Oil Pressure, Voltage Above Normal or Shorted High
PID 100 / FMI 4 Engine Oil Pressure, Voltage Below Normal or Shorted Low
Data Concentrator Oil Pressure Circuit
PID 110 / FMI 2 Engine Coolant Temperature
Data Erratic, Intermittent, or Incorrect
Data Concentrator Data Link Circuit
PID 111 / FMI 1 Coolant Level, Data Valid But
Below Normal Operating Range
PID 111 / FMI 3 Coolant Level, Voltage Above
Normal or Shorted High
Data Concentrator Low Coolant Level Circuit
PID 155 / FMI 14 Auxiliary I/O, Engine Protection
Shutdown, Special Instructions
Data Concentrator Engine Protection Circuit
PID 250 / FMI 2 J1587 Data Link, Data Link Erratic,
Intermittent or Incorrect
Data Concentrator Fan Control Troubleshooting
Fan Control

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