Thermo King TriPac DPF Maintenance and Diagnostic Manual

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Covers: Thermo King TriPac DPF System
Pages: 86
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The purpose of this manual is to provide the technician with the necessary information to properly maintain and service a TriPac APU equipped with an optional Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) system. This manual includes specific DPF safety information, diagnostic and maintenance procedures, and related wiring diagrams and schematics. TriPac APU diesel engine maintenance procedures are also included as it pertains to the DPF system.

Topics in the Thermo King TriPac Maintenance Manual include:

Safety Information

DPF Electrical System

Hardware Description
DPF Components
TriPac Components
Protection Devices
TriPac Operation with a DPF Installed
DPF Operation
Power Draw
Ready to Regenerate Indication
Initiating a Regeneration
Cancelling a Regeneration
Reattempting a Regeneration
DPF Operation Cycle

Operating the DPF System
Turn the Switches ON
Amber Indicator Lights
Red Indicator Light
No Indicator Lights
Indicator Light Quick Reference Chart

Electrostatic Discharge
System Test Mode
Initiating the System Test Mode
Force Regeneration Needed
On-Board Diagnostics
Fault Codes
Clearing Fault Codes
Fault Code Chart
Problems without Codes

Electrical Maintenance and Repair
DPF Maintenance
The following DPF components are located outside the cab
Positive Battery Cable – Battery to Fuse Holder
In-Line Fuse Holder
Main Fuse
Positive Battery Cable – Fuse to Contactor
Positive Battery Cable – Contactor to DPF
Negative Battery Cable and Ground Harness to DPF
Valve Box and Cover
Air Blower Motor
Air Solenoid Valve
Air Outlet Supply Hose
Air Inlet Supply Hose
Ambient Air Sensor
Control Module Fuse
Pressure Transducer
DPF Canister
DPF Canister Removal and Replacement
Filter Replacement
Heater Inspection
Heater Replacement
Tractor’s Alternator
The following DPF components are located inside the cab
Small Engine Control Module (SECM)
Control Box Harnesses
Pressure Transducer Harness
Exhaust Monitor Harness
Exhaust Monitor
Regeneration Switch Harness
Regeneration Switch
Ignition Harness
Standby Integration Switch
Electrical Shutdown Circuits

Engine and DPF Service Schedule
Engine Operation
Maintenance Inspection Schedule
Engine Oil Change Intervals
Checking Operating Condition of Engine
Quick Preliminary Engine Checkout Procedures
Detailed Engine Test Procedures
DPF Structural Maintenance
DPF Maintenance Inspection Schedule
DPF Hardware Torque Specs

Wiring Schematic

Wiring Diagram

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