Thermo King SR-3 Trailer Single Temp Control System Diagnostic Manual


Covers: Thermo King SR-3 Trailer Single Temp Microprocessor Control System

This manual covers the following SR-3 hardware versions:

  • SR-3 Base Controller with and without USB Port
  • SR-3 HMI Control Panel

This manual covers the following SR-3 software revisions:

  • Base Controller Software Revision through D007
  • HMI Control Panel Software Revision 6560 (Includes 6561)

For trailer units:

  • SB-130
  • SB-230
  • SB-330
  • SLX-100
  • SLX-200
  • SLX-300
  • SLX-400

Pages: 723
Format: PDF file
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Notes: Instant digital download only – no printed copy or CD-ROM media.

Topic List:

Section 1 – Safety information
This section contains the safety information for the SR-3 control system. Read this material carefully before working on the unit.

Section 2 – Hardware Description
This section describes the SR-3 control system hardware. It identifies and locates controllers, relays, LED’s, fuses and other components and provides connector maps for all connectors.

Section 3 – Software Description
This section discusses the operation of the SR-3 control system software and programmable features. Each menu and feature is discussed individually to illustrate how they are used.

Section 4 – Operation
This section explains how to operate the SR-3 control system. This information is referenced by material in Section 5 Diagnostics.

Section 5 – Diagnostics
This section explains how to diagnose units equipped with the SR-3 control system. It includes both Alarm Code Diagnostics and Other Symptom Diagnostics. This section will reference material in Section 4 Operation and Section 6 Service Procedures.

Section 6 – Service Procedures
This section includes Service Procedures to assist the technician when servicing units equipped with the SR- 3 control system. These procedures are referenced by the diagnostic routines in Section 5 Diagnostics.

Section 7 – Service Information
This section offers Service Information on the basic component parts of the SR-3 control system. It includes hardware and software history as well as interchangeability information.

Section 8 – Schematics and Wiring Diagrams
This section includes the SR-3 control system electrical schematics and unit wiring diagrams.


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