Thermo King SPECTRUM DE SR-2 Maintenance Manual

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Covers: Thermo King SPECTRUM DE SR-2 Maintenance

  • SPECTRUM DE SR-2 30-2 (002231)
  • System SPECTRUM DE SR-2 30-2 (900227)
  • SPECTRUM DE SR-2 30-3 (002232)
  • System SPECTRUM DE SR-2 30-3 (900228)

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Topic List:

Belt Tension
Refrigeration System
Electrical Control System
Electrical Components
Maintenance Inspection Schedule
Unit Description
Unit Overview
Design Features
Host Unit
SPECTRUM Remote Evaporators
Diesel Engine
Thermo King X430L Compressor
SMART REEFER 2 Multi-Temp (SR-2 MT) Control System
CYCLE-SENTRY Start-Stop Controls
Data Logging
Remote Control Panel (Optional)
Sequence of Operation
System Operation
Refrigeration System Diagrams
Zone 1 Cool, Zone 2 Cool, and Zone 3 Cool
Zone 1 Cool, Zone 2 Cool, and Zone 3 Heat
Opening the Front Doors
Opening the Secondary Door Latch
Engine Compartment Components
Unit Protection Devices
Serial Number Locations
Operating Instructions
SMART REEFER 2 Multi-Temp (SR-2 MT) Control System
Microprocessor On/Off Switch
HMI Control Panel
Unit Operation
Manual Pretrip Inspection (Before Starting Unit)
Turning Unit On
Turning Unit Off
Standard Display
Operating The Unit In Single Zone Control Mode
Standard Display Variations
Alarm Display
Temperature Watch Display
Starting the Diesel Engine
After Start Inspection
Changing the Setpoint
Turning a Zone On and Off
Selection of Operating Modes
Selecting CYCLE-SENTRY or Continuous Mode
Initiating a Manual Defrost Cycle
Terminating a Defrost Cycle
Menu Overview
Navigating the Main Menu
Language Menu
Alarms Menu
Gauges Menu
Sensors Menu
Datalogger Menu
Hourmeters Menu
Mode Menu
Pretrip Tests
Adjust Brightness Menu
Time Display
Loading Procedure
Single Temperature Loading Procedure
Post Load Procedure
Post Trip Checks
Electrical Maintenance
Alternator Charging System Diagnostic Procedures
General Information
Alternator Identification
Interface Board Fuse F4
Test Equipment for Checking Voltage and Current
Alternator Load Test
General Diagnostic and Warranty Evaluation Procedure
Field Current Test
Battery Cables
Unit Wiring
Wire Harness Routing
Interface Board LEDs
Smart FETs
Expansion Module
Expansion Module LEDs
SMART REEFER 2 Multi-Temp (SR-2 MT) Microprocessor Controller
Fuse Link
Air Heater
Engine Maintenance
EMI 3000
Engine Lubrication System
Engine Oil Change
Oil Filter Change
Low Oil Pressure
Engine Cooling System
ELC (Extended Life Coolant)
Antifreeze Maintenance Procedure
Bleeding Air from the Cooling System
Engine Thermostat
Coolant Level Switch
Engine Fuel System
Fuel Line Routing
Fuel Return Line Replacement
Bleeding the Fuel System
Draining Water from Fuel Tank
Fuel Filter/Water Separator
Fuel Filter/Water Separator Replacement
Engine Speed Adjustments
Injection Pump Timing
Injection Pump Removal
Injection Pump Reinstallation
Fuel Solenoid
Trochoid Feed Pump
Cold Start Device Tier 2 Engine
Engine Valve Clearance Adjustment
Crankcase Breather
Air Cleaner
EMI 3000 Air Cleaner
Air Restriction Indicator
Belt Adjustments
Fan Belt Replacement
Refrigeration Maintenance
Refrigerant Charge
Testing the Refrigerant Charge with an Empty Trailer
Testing the Refrigerant Charge with a Loaded Trailer
Testing for an Overcharge
Adjusting Refrigerant Level
Moisture Indicating Sight Glass
Refrigerant Leaks
Checking Compressor Oil
High Pressure Cutout Switch (HPCO)
High Pressure Switch (HPCS) Test
Pressure Transducers
Evacuating and Charging Smart Reefer Multi-Temp Systems
Set-up Unit
Evacuating the System
Charging the System
Refrigeration Service Operations
Low Side Pump Down
Compressor Coupling Removal
Compressor Coupling Installation
Condenser Coil
Discharge Vibrasorber
In-Line Check Valves
Receiver Tank
Filter Drier
Expansion Valve Assembly
Heat Exchanger
Evaporator Coil
Suction Vibrasorber
High Pressure Cutout Switch and High Pressure Switch
Discharge Pressure Transducer
Suction Pressure Transducer
High Pressure Relief Valve
Throttling Valve
Liquid Line Solenoid Valves (LLS and LLS2)
Hot Gas Solenoid Valves (HGS and HGS2)
Suction Line Solenoid Valves (SLS and SLS2)
Check Valve Repair (SLCV, SLCV2, SLCV3, LRCV, and PVC)
Check Valve Replacement (SLCV, SLCV2, SLCV3, LRCV, and PVC)
Condenser Inlet Solenoid Valve (CIS)
Condenser Inlet Check Valve (CICV) Repair
Condenser Inlet Check Valve (CICV) Replacement
Receiver Tank Pressure Solenoid Valve (RTPS)
Purge Valve (PV)
Compressor Oil Filter
Checking Compressor Oil Pressure
Priming New Compressor Installations
Structural Maintenance
Unit and Engine Mounting Bolts
Unit Inspection
Condenser, Evaporator, and Radiator Coils
Defrost Drains
Unit Installation
DE Defrost Dampers
Condenser and Evaporator Fan Location
Condenser Fan Blower Alignment
Evaporator Fan Blower Alignment
DE Evaporator Fan Blower Removal and Installation
Fan Shaft Assembly
Fan Shaft Assembly Overhaul
Idler Assembly
Idler Assembly Overhaul
Mechanical Diagnosis
Refrigeration Diagnosis
Remote Evaporator Specifications
Refrigeration System
Remote Evaporator Maintenance Inspection Schedule
Remote Evaporator Unit Description
Unit Operation
Operating Modes
Unit Features
Unit Protection Devices
Serial Number Location
Remote Evaporator Electrical Maintenance
SR-2 Multi-Temp Microprocessor Controlled Components
Unit Wiring
Remote Evaporator Refrigeration Service Operations
Expansion Valve Assembly
Evaporator Coil
Solenoid Valves
Liquid Return Check Valve Repair
Liquid Return Valve Replacement
Heat Exchanger
Remote Evaporator Structural Maintenance
Unit Inspection
Defrost Drains
Evaporator Coil
Remote Evaporator System Diagnosis
Diagrams Index

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