Takeuchi TB045 Excavator Repair Shop Manual


Covers: Takeuchi TB045 Compact Excavator

  • TB045: S/N 1453001 up

Pages: 308
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This manual describes maintenance operations, and explains procedures for disassembly and reassembly of the Takeuchi TB045 Compact Excavator, check and maintenance procedures, maintenance reference values, troubleshooting and outline specifications, etc. This manual is a must for owners, operators and mechanics of the machine. Print off pages as needed from this high quality manual.

Sample topic list:

  • General Information
  • Torque Specs
  • Machine Specifications
  • External View
  • Drive System
  • Slew System
  • Travel System
  • Upper Frame
  • Control System
  • Attachments
  • Hydraulic System
  • Electrical System
  • Hydraulic Pump
  • Control Valve
  • Cylinder
  • Travel Motor
  • Slew Motor
  • Swivel Joint
  • Troubleshooting
      • No operations can be done
      • All operations can be done, but there is no power
      • Right or left travel is impossible
      • Speed drops in the left or right travel, causing the machine to travel in a curve
      • Machine won’t accelerate during travel
      • No slewing can be done
      • Right or left slewing cannot be done
      • Slewing speed is low, or there is no power
      • The machine slews, but overrun when slewing stops is great, or it cannot be stopped
      • When stopped on a slope, the slewing body cannot maintain its posture after stopping
    • BOOM
      • The boom cylinder doesn’t move
      • Boom cylinder operation is slow, or there is no power
      • When the boom operation lever is pulled gently, the boom drops temporarily
      • The amount of boom natural drop is great
    • ARM
      • The arm cylinder doesn’t move
      • Arm cylinder operation is slow, or there is no power.
      • The amount of arm natural drop is great.
    • BUCKET
      • The bucket cylinder doesn’t move, or there is no power.
      • The amount of bucket natural drop is great.
      • The swing cylinder doesn’t move
      • The dozer blade cylinder doesn’t move, or there is no power
      • The amount of dozer blade natural drop is great or the dozer blade won’t hold the macine up
      • The spanner cylinder doesn’t move, or there is no power.

Example content (actual manual may vary):

Takeuchi Workshop Repair Manual Sample

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