2010-2012 Paccar MX13 Engine OBD Code Troubleshooting Manual

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Covers: Paccar MX13 EPA10 Engine OBD Codes
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The Paccar MX13 EPA10 Engine OBD Code Troubleshooting Manual contains valuable code-based troubleshooting and diagnostics for 2010-2012 MX13 engines. In this manual you will find code listings, symptoms, illustrations and corrective procedures. Please note this troubleshooting manual covers engine fault codes only.

Dated 12/2015.


  • EAS-3 and PMCI-2 Block Diagrams
  • EAS-3, PMCI-2 and MX13 Engine Electrical Wiring Diagram
  • EAS-3 and PMCI-2 Sensor Location Information
  • Component Descriptions
  • Technical Data
  • U and P Codes Listed Below

P0016 P0017 P0027 P0046 P0049 P0069 P006B P006C P0070 P0071 P0072 P0073 P0075 P0076 P0077 P0079 P0080 P0087 P0088 P0095 P0096 P0097 P0098 P009A P0101 P0102 P0103 P0107 P0108 P0110 P0111 P0112 P0113 P0115 P0116 P0117 P0118 P011A P0121 P0122 P0123 P0127 P0128 P0130 P0135 P0168 P0180 P0182 P0183 P018C P018D P0197 P0198 P0201 P0202 P0203 P0204 P0205 P0206 P0213 P0217 P0219 P0221 P0222 P022D P022E P022F P0261 P0262 P0263 P0264 P0265 P0266 P0267 P0268 P0269 P0270 P0271 P0272 P0273 P0274 P0275 P0276 P0277 P0278 P0298 P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304 P0305 P0306 P0315 P0335 P0336 P0340 P0341 P0403 P0404 P0405 P0406 P0407 P0408 P040B P040C P040D P040F P0460 P0471 P0472 P0473 P047C P047D P0480 P0486 P0488 P0489 P0490 P0500 P0501 P0502 P0503 P0513 P0522 P0523 P0524 P0527 P0528 P0541 P0542 P0543 P0545 P0546 P0562 P0563 P0567 P0568 P0571 P0603 P060A P060C P0611 P062B P062D P0640 P0650 P0652 P0653 P0666 P0669 P0685 P0691 P0692 P0698 P0699 P0703 P081C P0830 P0833 P0865 P0866 P0A1F P1027 P1028 P1029 P1037 P1038 P1041 P104E P104F P1087 P1096 P1105 P1106 P1110 P1111 P1115 P1127 P1133 P1134 P1135 P1136 P1137 P1138 P1139 P113A P113B P1158 P1159 P1160 P1161 P1167 P1168 P1180 P1191 P1194 P1225 P1226 P1227 P1228 P1230 P1234 P1235 P1238 P1242 P1246 P1250 P1261 P1262 P1263 P1264 P1265 P1266 P1267 P1268 P1269 P1270 P1271 P1272 P1273 P1274 P1275 P1276 P1277 P1278 P1298 P1300 P1335 P1336 P1340 P1341 P1350 P1351 P1352 P1353 P1354 P1356 P1357 P1358 P1359 P1360 P1400 P1405 P1406 P1409 P140B P140C P140D P140F P141C P141D P1457 P1458 P145D P1489 P1490 P1493 P1494 P1495 P1496 P1501 P1502 P1503 P1504 P1506 P1508 P150F P1510 P151A P151B P151C P151D P151E P1524 P1526 P1529 P153A P153B P153C P1556 P1558 P1559 P1560 P1563 P1580 P1581 P1601 P1602 P160A P1642 P1643 P1644 P1645 P1650 P1651 P1652 P1653 P1655 P1658 P1674 P1675 P1676 P1677 P1678 P1679 P1681 P1682 P1683 P1684 P1686 P1687 P1688 P1693 P1694 P1695 P1696 P1704 P1705 P1706 P1707 P1708 P1709 P170A P170B P170C P170D P170E P170F P1710 P1711 P1712 P1713 P1715 P1717 P1718 P1719 P171A P171B P171C P171D P171E P171F P1720 P1722 P1723 P1724 P1725 P1726 P1727 P1729 P1751 P1863 P1961 P1962 P1964 P1965 P1967 P1968 P1970 P1971 P1973 P1974 P1976 P1977 P2080 P2104 P2105 P2106 P2135 P2147 P2148 P2150 P2151 P2169 P2170 P2171 P2181 P2183 P2184 P2185 P2199 P2226 P2227 P2228 P2229 P2237 P2238 P2239 P2264 P2266 P2275 P2425 P242B P2457 P2458 P2459 P245A P250A P250B P250C P250E P250F P252F P253B P2541 P2542 P2544 P2558 P2559 P2560 P2562 P2563 P2579 P2580 P2581 P2602 P2603 P2609 P3003 P30B3 P3405 P3407 P3408 P3413 P3415 P3416 P3421 P3423 P3424 P3429 P3431 P3432 P3437 P3439 P3440 P3445 P3447 P3448 P3750 P3751 P3752 P3753 P3754 P3755 P3756 P3757 P3758 P3759 P3760 P3761 P3762 P3763 P3765 P3766 P3767 P3768 P3769 P3770 P3771 P3772 P3773 P3774 P3775 P3776 P3777 P3778 P3779 P3780 P3781 P3782 P3783 P3784 P3785 P3786 P3787 P3788 P3789 P3790 P3791 P3792 P3793 P3794 P3795 P3796 P3797 P3798 P3799 P3800 P3801 P3802 P3803 P3804 P3805 P3806 P3807 P3808 P3809 P3810 P3811 P3812 P3813 P3814 P3815 P3816 P3817 P3818 P3819 P3820 P3821 P3822 P3823 P3824 P3825 P3826 P3827 P3828 P3829 P3830 P3831 P3832 P3833 P3834 P3835 P3836 P3837 P3838 P3839 P3840 P3841 P3842 P3843 P3844 P3845 P3846 P3847 P3848 P3849 P3850 P3851 P3852 P3853 P3854 P3855 P3856 P3857 P3858 P3859 P3860 P3861 P3862 P3863 P3864 P3865 P3866 P3867 P3868 P3869 P3870 P3871 P3872 P3873 P3874 P3875 P3876 P3877 P3878 P3879 P3880 P3881 P3882 P3883 P3884 P3885 P3886 P3887 P3888 P3889 P3890 P3891 P3892 P3893 P3894 P3895 P3896 P3897 P3898 P3899 P3900 P3901 P3902 P3903 P3904 P3905 P3906 P3907 P3908 P3909 P3910 P3911 P3912 P3913 P3914 P3915 P3916 P3917 P3918 P3919 P3920 P3921 P3922 P3923 P3924 P3925 P3926 P3927 P3928 P3929 P3930 P3931 P3932 P3933 P3934 P3935 P3936 P3937 P3938 P3939 P3940 P3941 P3942 P3943 P3944 P3945 P3946 P3947 P3948 P3949 P3950 P3951 P3952 P3953 P3954 P3955 P3956 P3957 P3958 P3959 P3960 P3961 P3962 P3963 P3964 P3965 P3966 P3967 P3968 P3969 P3970 P3971 P3972 P3973 P3974 P3975 P3976 P3977 P3978 P3979 P3980 P3981 P3982 P3983 P3984 P3985 P3986

U0011 U0101 U0103 U0104 U0105 U0113 U0120 U0128 U0129 U0133 U0142 U0143 U0155 U0156 U0157 U0291 U0404 U0405 U0417 U0418 U1001 U1004 U1005 U1010 U1011 U1012 U1013 U1014 U1015 U1016 U1017 U1046 U1047 U1048 U104B U104C U104D U1069 U1070 U1071 U1072 U1073 U1101 U1103 U1104 U1105 U1106 U1107 U1110 U1111 U1112 U1113 U1114 U1115 U1116 U1117 U1118 U1119 U111A U111B U111C U111D U111E U111F U1120 U1121 U1122 U1123 U1124 U1125 U1126 U1127 U1128 U1129 U112A U112B U112C U112D U112E U112F U1130 U1131 U1132 U1133 U1134 U1135 U1136 U1137 U1138 U1139 U113A U113B U113C U113D U113E U113F U1141 U1143 U114A U114B U114C U114D U114E U1155 U1156 U1157 U1158 U1159 U1160 U1179 U1180 U1184 U1188 U1189 U1190 U1192 U1193 U1194 U1197 U1198 U1199 U1200 U1207 U1208 U1291 U1404 U1405 U1406 U1407 U1408 U1409 U142F U153B U1544 U1545 U1546 U1547 U1548 U1549 U1550 U1551 U1552 U1553 U1554 U1562 U1563 U1564 U1565 U1566 U1567 U1645 U1700 U1701 U1702 U1710 U1711 U1712 U1716 U1720 U1721 U1722 U1725 U1726

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