Mack V-MAC III Electronic Control System Diagnostic Manual


Covers: Mack V-MAC III (3) electronic control system diagnostics
Pages: 758
Format: PDF file
Compatibility: Windows/Mac/Tablet
Notes: Instant digital download only – no printed copy or CD-ROM media.

This downloadable PDF manual provides diagnostic and troubleshooting information and procedures for Mack V-MAC III electronic control systems.


  • V-mac 3 System Overview
  • V-mac 3 Major Functions
  • Troubleshooting
  • System Diagnostics
  • Fault Codes
  • Blink Codes
  • Intermittent Problems
  • Engine Speed High
  • Engine Speed High No Diagnostic Blink Code
  • Low Oil Pressure With Driver Alarm
  • Inaccurate Oil Pressure
  • Road Speed High
  • Engine Coolant Temperature High
  • Fan Always On
  • Transmission Oil Temperature High
  • Manual Transmission
  • Allison HD Automatic Transmission
  • Exhaust Temperature High
  • Engine Cranks But Will Not Start
  • Vip Digital Dash Display
  • Vip Digital Dash Display No Diagnostic Fault Code
  • V-mac 3 Sensor Specifications
  • Aftercooler Outlet Temperature Sensor (Aot) Sensor
  • Intake Air Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Air Temperature (Aat) Sensor
  • Boost Air Pressure (Bap) Sensor
  • Compressor Discharge Temperature (Cdt) Sensor
  • Engine Coolant Temperature (Ect) Sensor
  • Engine Oil Pressure (Eop) Sensor
  • Engine Oil Temperature (Eot) Sensor
  • Engine Position (Ep) Sensor
  • Engine Speed/timing (Rpm/tdc) Sensor
  • Front Drive Axle Oil Temperature (Faot) Sensor
  • Fuel Temperature (Ft) Sensor
  • Fuel Level (Fl) Sensor
  • Intake Air Temperature And Humidity (Iath) Sensor
  • Intake Manifold Temperature (Imt) Sensor
  • Rear Drive Axle Oil Temperature (Raot) Sensor
  • Throttle Position (Tp) Sensor
  • Transmission Oil Temperature (Tot) Sensor
  • Vehicle Speed (Mph) Sensor (Vss)
  • V-mac 3 E-tech Engine Fuel Rate Specifications
  • Electrical Schematics And Diagrams
  • System Connectors
  • 6- and 9-pin Serial Communication Port
  • Vehicle Electronic Control Unit (VECU) Connectors
  • Engine Electronic Control Unit (EECU) Connectors
  • Cab And Chassis Connectors
  • Cab-chassis Bulkhead Connector
  • Cab-transmission Harness Bulkhead Connector
  • Transmission-engine Transition Connector
  • Cab-chassis-transmission Harness Hinge Point Connector
  • Cab-chassis-transmission Bulkhead Connector
  • Cab-chassis Body Power Bulkhead Connector
  • Digital Gauge Cluster Connector
  • Vip Digital Dash Display Connector
  • J1939 Serial Port Connector Repair
  • Bulkhead Deutsch Connector And Serial Communication Port Repair
  • Weather-pack Connector Repair
  • Metri-pack Connector Repair
  • Micro-pack Connector Repair
  • Special Tools And Equipment
  • V-Mac Service Tools


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