Cummins M11 STC, CELECT Diesel Engine Service Manual

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Covers: Cummins M11 Diesel Engine

  • Models equipped w/ STC, CELECT, CELECT Plus, CENTRY Fuel Systems

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The Cummins M11 STC, CELECT service manual covers service, repair and mechanical troubleshooting of the engine. Complete specifications, disassembly and assembly procedures, detailed illustrations and troubleshooting charts are included. View the PDF service manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages for the shop as needed. The manual has a table of contents with clickable bookmarks to take you directly to the desired topic.

1996 publication. Fuel system troubleshooting and wiring diagrams sold separately.


  • Introduction & General Information
  • Engine Identification
  • Mechanical Troubleshooting & Symptoms
  • Complete Engine
  • Cylinder Block
  • Cylinder Head
  • Rocker Levers
  • Cam Followers/Tappets
  • Fuel System
  • Injectors and Fuel Lines
  • Lubricating Oil System
  • Cooling System
  • Drive Units
  • Air Intake System
  • Exhaust System
  • Compressed Air System
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Engine Testing
  • Mounting Adaptations
  • Miscellaneous Hardware
  • Vehicle Braking
  • Specifications
  • Index


General Specifications
Horsepower (Refer to engine dataplate)
Engine speed @ Maximum Output:
Governed Speed (rpm)
Automotive (CELECT™ and CELECT™ Plus) 1800
Vocational (CELECT™ and CELECT™ Plus) 2100
Industrial (STC) 2100
Bore and Stroke 125 mm [4.921 in] x 147 mm [5.787 in]
Displacement 10.8 liters [661 C.I.D.]
Firing Order 1–5–3–6–2–4
Engine Weight (with standard accessories):
Dry Weight 940 Kg [2070 lb]
Wet Weight 996 Kg [2193 lb]
Dry Weight 929 Kg [2045 lb]
Wet Weight 981 Kg [2160 lb]

Troubleshooting Symptoms Charts
Air Compressor Air Pressure Rises Slowly
Air Compressor Cycles Frequently
Air Compressor Noise is Excessive
Air Compressor Pumping Excess Lubricating Oil into the Air System
Air Compressor Will Not Maintain Adequate Air Pressure (Not Pumping Continuously)
Air Compressor Will Not Pump Air
Air Compressor Will Not Stop Pumping
Alternator Not Charging or Insufficient Charging
Alternator Overcharging
Communication Error — Electronic Service Tool or Control Device
Connecting Rod Bearing Noise
Coolant in the Lubricating Oil
Coolant Loss (External)
Coolant Loss — Internal
Coolant Temperature Above Normal — Gradual Overheat
Coolant Temperature is Above Normal — Sudden Overheat
Coolant Temperature is Below Normal
Crankcase Gases (Blowby) Excessive
Cranking Fuel Pressure is Low
Driveability — General Information
Driveability/Low Power — Customer Complaint Form
Driveability/Low Power/Excessive Fuel Consumption — Checklist
Engine Acceleration or Response Poor
Engine Brake Does Not Operate (CELECT or CELECT Plus)
Engine Brake — Low Retarding Power or Slow to Activate (CELECT or CELECT Plus)
Engine Brake — One or More Cylinders Braking with Power Switch Off (CELECT or CELECT Plus)
Engine Decelerates Slowly (CELECT and CELECT Plus)
Engine Decelerates Slowly (PT)
Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (Exhaust Smoke)
Engine Difficult to Start or Will Not Start (No Exhaust Smoke)
Engine Noise Diagnostic Procedures — General Information
Engine Noise Excessive
Engine Noise Excessive — Combustion Knocks
Engine Noise Excessive — Connecting Rod
Engine Noise Excessive — Main Bearing
Engine Noise Excessive — Piston
Engine Noise Excessive — Turbocharger
Engine Power Output Low (CELECT or CELECT Plus)
Engine Power Output Low (PT)
Engine Runs Rough at Idle
Engine Runs Rough or Misfires
Engine Shuts Off Unexpectedly or Dies During Deceleration
Engine Speed Surges at Low or High Idle
Engine Speed Surges Under Load or in Operating Range
Engine Starts But Will Not Keep Running
Engine Vibration Excessive
Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Air Starter)
Engine Will Not Crank or Cranks Slowly (Electric Starter)
Engine Will Not Shut Off
Fuel Consumption Excessive (CELECT and CELECT Plus)
Fuel Consumption Excessive (PT)
Fuel Consumption — Customer Complaint Form
Fuel Consumption — General Information
Fuel in the Coolant
Fuel in the Lubricating Oil
Intake Manifold Air Temperature Above Specification
Intake Manifold Pressure (Boost) is Below Normal
Low Idle Adjust Switch Does Not Work
Lubricating Oil Consumption Excessive
Lubricating Oil Contaminated
Lubricating Oil in the Fuel

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