2005+ Iseki 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine Service Manual

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Covers: Iseki 3 Cylinder “E” Series Diesel Engine (Production 2005 and After)
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Tractor / Engine Cross Reference
GC2300 / GC2310 / GC2400 / ST22A*, E3112-VB19 (282)
1523 / ST24A / MT225B, E3112-VB21 (306)
1423 / ST25 / MT225**, E3112-B11 (244)
1528 / ST28A / MT255B, E3CF-WB01 (294)
1531 / ST33A, E3CD-WB20 (293)
1533 / ST34A / MT265B, E3CD-WB13 (313)
1540 / ST41A / MT275B, E3CD-WTB01 (314)
ZT29, E3CF-VG (326)
ZT33, E3CD-VG02 (325)
GC2600, E3112-XB (371)
GC1715, E3112-XB (440)
GC1705, E3112-XB01 (441)

*S/N JNA25201 & After
**S/N NM3601 & After

This service manual contains detailed specifications, illustrations, removal/installation, disassembly/assembly and inspection procedures for 2005+ Iseki 3 Cylinder “E” Series diesel engines used in a variety of Massey Ferguson applications. The service manual is a must for mechanics working on the engine. Save time and money by viewing the service manual on your computer/tablet or print off pages at any time, without restriction.

Service manual for Iseki 3-Cyl engines in production prior to 2005 also available.

Topics in the 2005+ Iseki 3 Cylinder “E” Series Diesel Engine Service Manual:

General Information and Specifications
Performance Curves
Exterior Views and Identification Numbers
Sectional Views
Service Standards
Tightening Torque of Major Fasteners
Tightening Torque for Standard Bolts
Inspection and Adjustment
Engine Body Cylinder Head
Removal Of The Cylinder Head
Assembly of the Cylinder Head
Disassembly and Inspection of the Rocker Arm Shaft
Re-Assembly of the Rocker Arm Shaft Assembly
Inspection of the Push Rods
Installation of the Cylinder Head
Engine Body Gear Case
Removal of the Gear Case
Re Installation of the Gear Case
Engine Body Cylinder Block
Disassembly of the Cylinder Block
Inspection of Cylinder Block, Crankshaft, Camshaft, and Tappets
Inspection of the Flywheel
Inspection of Tappets
Disassembly and Inspection of Pistons and Connecting-Rods
Inspection of the Piston Pin
Connecting-rod Twist
Assembly of Piston and Connecting-Rod
Replacement of Gear Case Oil Seal
Re-Assembly of Cylinder Block
Installation of Piston/Connecting-Rod Assemblies
Installation of Rear Oil Seal
Installation of Strainer and Oil Pan
Installation of Rear Plate and Flywheel
Installation of the Flywheel
Installation of Front Plate and Gears
Lubrication System
General Description
Relief Valve
Oil Filter Specifications
Oil Filter Construction and Operation
Specifications with Oil Cooler
Removal, Disassembly, Inspection and Re-Installation of Oil Pump
Installation of Oil Pump
Oil Filter
Cooling System
Water Pump
Fuel System
Removal, Disassembly, Inspection, Re-Assembly, and Installation
Injection Nozzles and Holders
Nozzle Washing
Nozzle Replacement
Needle Valve Sliding
Installation of Injection Nozzles and Holders
Angleichung Device
Electrical System
Removal and Disassembly of Starter
Inspection of Components
Reassembly of Starter
Inspection of the Starter after Removal from the Tractor
Performance Test
Installation of the Starter
Glow Plugs
Turbocharger System
Crank Case Breather Assembly

Example manual pages (actual manual may vary):

Engine Service Manual Sample

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